3D Printing in K-12 Classrooms

Bringing ideas and designs to life can be a key motivator for children in school. For that reason, 3D printers are becoming a valued tool in education even before students enter college. Here is a list of ways in which 3D printing is applied in the classroom from elementary through high school:

  • Campbell-Tintah Public Schools in Campbell, Minnesota, use 3D printing for their Technology program: teachers take their students to local engineering plants to show them how 3D printing is used in industry and then have them recreate and reproduce some of the objects and projects¬†they saw.

The increasing popularity of 3D printing also becomes apparent looking at the number of online sources designed to help teachers and kids to apply 3D printing tools:

  • Kathy Schrock is a big advocate for the introduction of 3D printing in school classrooms. Her website includes numerous resources, ideas, and¬†lesson plans for applying 3D printing in school.
  • Makerbot offers a variety of resources and tips to integrate 3D printing in the classroom.