Who are we?

Interested to know who is behind the day-to-day operations of the makerspace? Here we are! Be sure to contact us with any questions! We’re happy to help!

Woman looking at a 3d model of a virus

Angela talking about a 3D printed virus model

Angela is a reference librarian and assistant professor at Lawrence University. She oversees the makerspace, which includes ordering supplies, teaching training sessions, social media and website content, and also teaches a 3D printing tutorial.

Man with a robot on his shoulder, smiling at the camera.

Kelvin and his 3D printed robot buddy

Kelvin is the makerspace and media student assistant. He’s an anthropology major with a focus on archaeology. In the makerspace, Kelvin provides training, helps make ideas come to life, maintains the equipment, and does a variety of media digitization tasks.

Two men looking at the camera.

Arno (left) with his son Carl who spoke on campus about liberal arts and working in the tech industry.

Arno is an instructional technologist at Lawrence. He also teaches training sessions and provides assistance with 3D printing.

Woman and man holding 3d printed scans of their faces while looking at the camera.

Emmi (left) and her friend Michael with 3D printed scans of their faces.

Emmi, former media center student assistant, graduated in 2019 with a math and Spanish double-major at Lawrence. While she’s out in the world doing awesome things, you can still read about some of her work here in the makerspace blog.