Other Applications of 3D Printing

3D printing is not only becoming more important in the world of education, but it has numerous applications in other areas as well.


  • An Italian food leader is using a pasta dough cartridge system in a 3D printer to create edible pasta in eclectic shapes.
  • The world’s first 3D candy printer, “Magic Candy Factory,” made its debut through a German company and features a variety of gummy candy shapes.
  • Not technically itself a 3D printer (it does not include an additive process), 3D printed technology can create machines that produce 3D custom food shapes.
  • PERFORMANCE (Personalized Food for the Nutrition of Elderly Consumers) is working on a creating easily-chewable meals for the elderly.
  • The first pop-up 3D printing restaurant is planning on expanding worldwide.

Magic Candy Factory | image: Katjes



3D Printed Dress | Karl Schultz on Flickr



  • Researchers in New South Wales in Australia are developing 3D printed surfboard fins to optimize performance.
  • Adidas partnered with Parley for the Oceans to create a 3D printed sneaker using thread from recycled marine waste.
  • The LA Dodgers added 3D printed logos to their batting helmets.

Ocean Plastic Shoes | designmilk on Flickr

Vehicles & Buildings

  • Additive manufacturing is used to rapidly and cheaply produce houses to live in.
  • Cars can also be 3D printed.
  • The AMIE (Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy) Demonstration Project features a solar-powered house and a natural-gas-powered car that symbiotically share energy with each other.

AMIE Demonstration Project | ENERGY.GOV on Flickr

Wildlife Conservation

  • The nonprofit Paso Pacifico has developed the idea of 3D printing fake sea turtle eggs with transmitters inside to track poachers.
  • A co-inventor of the D-Shape 3D printer started a project to create complex artificial reefs to preserve coastal reef biodiversity and slow down erosion.
  • As part of the Wildlife Conservation Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Challenge to stop poachers, some teams are 3D printing drones.


  • An interesting and possibly concerning trend alike, the Army and independent people have started using 3D printing to create and produce their own weapons.
  • If you are interested in the motivations behind this trend, you might find this short vice documentary on 3D printed weapons interesting.