Survey Results #30: We’ll Be There For You…

We know we’re not supposed to make out-of-date references to pop culture, but the title is supposed to be sung to the tune of the theme song for Friends, which most of you only know from syndicated reruns.

It turns out, a lot of you are worried about some of the same things. However, the thing you are still the most nervous about is making new friends. This was followed by succeeding academically, your roommate and being away from home. Other themes we found after we asked you what you were still nervous about included time management, living independently/college life, Wisconsin’s weather, transitioning to college and Appleton and financial management.

For each of these concerns, we’ve got you covered.

We’d like to introduce you to the magic that is Residence Life. These are the people who will work with you every step of the way, to help you successfully transition to college life, at Lawrence University, in Appleton. Even if you are worried about the weather.

If you’re having an issue with your roommate, there is a trained student-staff member on your floor. If you are worried about making friends, trust us, Residence Life is already planning events and activities to introduce you to people. If you start to fall behind in one of your classes, they know how to connect you with a free tutor. If you are feeling homesick, they’re around to help you, too. Any of the most common issues that you can think about…Residence Life is ready to help you.

Remember – they helped last year’s freshmen!

So, while it’s healthy to be a little nervous, know that we’ve got people around to help you whenever you need it.

Even if it’s someone to eat macaroni and cheese with at three am.

But please don’t do that every night!

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