Remember us?

It has been an awfully long time since our last post, which I believe is sinful of a cardinal order in the blog world.

(We have an excuse. Really. Honestly. It’s legit.)

We’ve been in admission committee pretty solidly for the past few weeks, coming up occasionally for air to meet and greet the caravan of visitors coming to campus. We’re pretty much done with the first part, but won’t be done (and we’re happy not to be done) with the second part till early May.

So, in other words, sorry to have been gone so long. For our next few blog posts, we’ll provide some answers to those “Now that I’ve been admitted, what happens next?” questions.

For starters, feel free to meet some of your classmates on the Facebook*: Lawrence University Class of 2016

* definitive article, “the,” applied ironically to make the author appear out of touch with nifty social media




2 thoughts on “Remember us?”

  1. I cannot open the link to the facebook page. I have tried searching it as well. It could just be that my phone doesn’t want to cooperate, but I don’t know what the problem is and I would really like to access it.

    1. You can also look for Lawrence University Class of 2016 and then “Like” away.

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