Common Application concerns?

Lawrence University is a Common Application user.
At least for now, the Common Application is the only way to apply to Lawrence University.

The roll-out of the new Common Application has been bumpy and buggy. Despite that fact, and all the frustrations people have been experiencing with the Common Application, I offer this piece of advice from my friendly neighborhood yoga instructor:

Take a deep breath. Hold it. Lower your shoulders. Exhale.

Your application to Lawrence will be OK. Here’s why.

Time is still on your (and our) side. We are, at the time of this post, just a little more than two weeks from our Early Decision deadline (November 1), and a little less than one month from our Early Action deadline (November 15).

If you (or we) find that problems start arising leading up to those deadlines, please know that we will be flexible. If you know anything about Lawrence, you know that we take a student-centered approach to our work with you.

If you have applied, we have your application. If you have submitted yours and wonder if we have it, please get in touch with your Lawrence admissions counselor.

If you are having issues with your application, please get in touch with your Lawrence admissions counselor.

We are considering alternatives to the Common Application, in the event that problems persist.

Watch this space for updates as they happen.

Ken Anselment
Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid


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