Common App concerns, 11/7 update

We continue to monitor the Common Application daily… and by “daily” we mean pretty much “hourly”.

We are under the impression that snags with the Common Application are diminishing. Last Thursday, October 31, was the next big test for the Common Application, as it was the day before the November 1 deadline for many colleges around the country. (That it would fall on Halloween seemed portentous.) That day, and the days that followed it, did not see a repeat of October 14, where many users were not able to log into their accounts.

This does not mean, however, that everything is now perfect with the Common Application, which is why we continue to post solutions for those of you who may run  into issues trying to submit your Common Application. Here are a couple directly from the Common Application we have had up for a little while now, followed by a suggestion to use the Common Application Knowledge Base:

Error Page upon Submission. On occasion, an applicant may see an error page upon submission. If this happens, the applicant should:

  1. log out of his or her account
  2. log back in
  3. go the Dashboard. The Dashboard should display confirmation that the application was submitted despite the error message observed during the submission process. The problem is with the page redirect, not the actual submission. We are working to fix this issue.

Unable to Create Account. There are some cases where recommenders are not able to create an account after clicking the “here” link within the recommender email invitation. If you encounter this issue, please contact the Help Center at so that the support team can resolve this for you.

Knowledge base. If you encounter other head-scratchers while working on your Common Application, try checking the Common App Knowledge Base for tips. It is a searchable, rapid-response form that may offer you some solutions to problems.

Remember, if you’re having problems with the application itself, please get in touch with your Lawrence admissions counselor so we can (a) be aware of the problem and (b) make any necessary accommodations.

Our Early Action deadline is November 15.

(Our “hourly” monitoring of the Common App will occur with greater frequency as that date gets nearer.)

In the meantime, as Garrison Keillor says when he signs off on the Writer’s Almanac, “Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.”

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