Interdisciplinary Area in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Over the past six years, a group of Lawrence faculty members have developed several courses and course modules in innovation and entrepreneurship. By now, several hundred Lawrence students have taken those courses. The Lawrence faculty has now voted to create a formal academic program in innovation and entrepreneurship: the Interdisciplinary Area in I&E. Students from all majors with an interest in innovation or entrepreneurship are invited to explore the new IA. The rest of this post gives a general idea of the new IA. Look for more details on the I&E website in the near future.

To complete the interdisciplinary area, students will need to take three core courses and two electives. A final requirement is a 3-unit practicum that can be satisfied in a number of ways, including participation in the Rabbit Gallery, Greyfell Theatre, KidsGive, or some other student venture, or completing an entrepreneurial senior experience. All three core courses will be offered in 2014-15:

Several of I&E courses that can be used as electives will also be offered in 2014-15:

All of the above courses will soon be cross-listed under the new I&E course designator. In addition, several courses that are directly relevant for innovation and entrepreneurship or that have a significant I&E component will count as electives in the interdisciplinary area. In 2014-15 these will include

Other electives include

There will likely be more courses on the list of electives, and that list will be finalized by the time class schedules are set for 2014-15.

If you are interested in innovation or entrepreneurship and you are considering completing the IA, the best entry points are In Pursuit of Innovation, The Entrepreneurial Musician, or Social Entrepreneurship.

If you have any questions about the new IA, feel free to contact the Program Chair, Adam Galambos.