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The Appletown Coffee Experience

Sports Illustrated‘s Peter King gives a big thumbs up to downtown Appleton:

What a good coffee town Appleton, Wisc., is. In a two-block stretch of downtown on College Avenue (I once had night-before-the-game dinner with Bears linebacker Ron Rivera in an Italian place on this street), there are local espresso places — the trendy and modern Copper Rock, the homey and filled-with-locals Brewed Awakenings — and if those aren’t good enough for you, there’s a Starbucks on the corner. I can’t imagine there’s a better downtown coffee experience in a medium-sized, middle America city.

No mention of Gerardo’s stash on Briggs 2nd.

HT to our wonderful alumni network.

Rabbit Redux

The weekly This is Lawrence segment is up, featuring the Rabbit Pop-Up Gallery.

Our own Ranga Wimalasuriya has a speaking part in the video talking about his role on the financial end of the project, and humbly omitting his own artistic prowess. Of course, Ranga says he doesn’t read this blog, so be sure to tell him congratulations for me.

Check out the video, and the gallery. Both look great.

Rabbit Gallery off and running Saturday

Well, not quite yet, but they have secured space in the Conkey’s building.

For those of you hiding under a rock, the idea of The Rabbit Gallery is to put art galleries in vacant shops, allowing artists to display their work and pay a lower commissions for display.  The intrepid entrepreneurship of Ranga and his brethren has secured the $700 to get the gallery out of its hole and into Conkey’s.

The special VIP launch date (for those only who contributed!) is May 14th (tomorrow) at 4:30…. See you there.

The launch date for the general public is Tuesday, May 17th.