Haitian Musicians to Perform at “Friends of Haiti Chamber Music Concert” Feb. 6

Lawrence University students, faculty, alumni and friends — including volunteers from music camps and Haitian musicians — will come together for the “Friends of Haiti Chamber Orchestra Benefit Concert”, Saturday, February 6, at 6:30 p.m. in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel. The public is welcome and tickets are not required.

It will be the third concert at Lawrence in as many weeks to benefit Holy Trinity Music School in Port-au-Prince, where Lawrence students and faculty have taught music for more than 10 years. The school and church complex were destroyed in the earthquake January 12. The Lawrence concerts have, to date, raised nearly $10,000 for Holy Trinity.

The concert on February 6 will begin with a silent auction at 6 p.m. featuring Haitian artwork and art produced especially for the event by members of a studio art class at Lawrence. The concert will highlight the music of Haitian composers and, in addition to numerous Lawrence students and faculty, will feature performances by musicians from across the United States, nearly all with connections to Haiti and the Holy Trinity Music School. Visiting Lawrence to participate will be John Jost, Bradley University; Steven Huang, Ohio University; Donna Lively Clark, Indianapolis; Keith Johnston, Sacred Heart University; Mary Procopio, Mott Community College, Flint, Michigan; Rob Wessler, UW-LaCrosse; and Lawrence alumni Sarah Davies ’09 and Paul Karner ’08.

Joining them will be Haitian musicians Benjamin Pierre Louis, University of Memphis; Canes Nicolas, Ohio University; Jethro Celestin, Loyola University; Tercy Hethkenly, New Wilmington, Penn.; Yonel François, Appleton; Fabienne Fanord, Port-au-Prince; and several musicians from the Mott Community College Educational and Cultural Residency Program in Flint, Michigan, including Fred Clovis, Carlot Dorve, Deborah Etienne, Ralph Stanley Jean Baptiste and Mackelder Saintilus.

“The outpouring of generosity has been overwhelming,” said Janet Anthony, Lawrence professor of cello and the leader of many music camps in Haiti. “I am in contact with many of our friends in Port-au-Prince, and they are so very grateful for our support. Whether it comes in the form of immediate, life saving gifts, or longer term support for a cultural gem such as Holy Trinity Music School, we know we are making a difference in their lives.”

Holy Trinity Music School, Port-au-Prince

Holy Trinity Church was founded in 1863 by the Episcopal Church and, as part of the church’s mission, several primary schools were established. Holy Trinity Music School began in 1970. Now serving over 1200 students, there are five orchestras, including Haiti’s only philharmonic orchestra, a boy choir, and three symphonic bands. Instruction is offered in all instrumental and vocal areas. The Holy Trinity Philharmonic Orchestra and the Petit Chanteurs have a very active performance schedule across Haiti. The Petits Chanteurs and a small instrumental ensemble have toured the United States five times in the past seven years to great acclaim. Those wishing to help the school may contribute online at www.cffoxvalley.org/donate. Select the Haiti Music School Rebuilding Fund from the drop down list of fund options.