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Job-search websites reviews

There are many job-searching platforms out there. Some are bigger, such as LinkedIn and Indeed, and some are smaller. Although using the bigger platforms is important to network, meet people, and build relationships, knowing about smaller platforms that are focused on specific niches can be to your advantage when looking for a job. In this article, I tried to find some of these smaller platforms to see what advantages there are about using them, why you should sign up for them, and if they are worth the money they ask for.

Ihire finance

If you are looking for a job in finance, IHire Finance is very directed towards finance jobs. On this platform, you will find job opportunities from Budget Analysts, Corporate Financial Consultant, Investment Banking Analyst, Equity trader, compliance managers, and even VPs of Finance. Although this platform focuses mostly on higher-paying jobs for more experienced people, I was able to find some entry-level jobs as well as even internships related to finance. While this platform offers a lot of very good information about the jobs and gives very useful insights, it does come with a cost. The cost to become a premium user for IHire Finance is $35/month and it comes with resume guidance, your resume will be highlighted to employers, a dedicated support team ready to assist you, and salary insights. If you are looking for a job in Finance, I would recommend signing up for this platform as it could be a good investment to find the best fitting job for you.

Link to iHire Finance website


If you really want some extra help in finding the best possible career in industries such as software engineering, marketing, data science, or sales, Pathrise offers a service in which you will be able to work 1-1 with a personal mentor that will help you focus on what you need to do in order to land your dream job. Based on their website, their service is free until you’ve already landed a position at a top technology company. Pathrise has both customers that have many years of experience and want to try to get a better job and customers that are right out of college and want to try to find the best fitting job for them. Although I personally didn’t try this service, it might be interesting to work 1-1 with an expert to see what they think you need in order to get to the next level and find the perfect job.

Link to Pathrise website


MarketingHire is considered one of the best Job Boards for Marketing and Advertising Professionals. If you are looking for a job in Marketing or Public Relations, this free website is a great tool that you could use. Based on their website, companies like Microsoft, 3M, General Electric, Google, and many more posts their job offers on this platform. Applying to these postings on a smaller platform could differentiate you from other people. This website is useful for both higher-paying jobs and internships.

Link to MarketingHire website


SalesJobs.com is a leading job board that works with more than 200 partner websites to promote job ads. It offers a wide array of useful resources, such as a resume database, candidate matching, and ATS integration. SalesJobs. com is helpful for someone looking for a sales job in the future, as it features opportunities for sales professionals in various industries and locations.

Link to SalesJobs.com website

Many other job searching platforms could be useful to find your dream job. Although I tried, finding the perfect one isn’t easy. The best thing to do is to try them out for yourselves, see if there are opportunities on some of these smaller platforms that you think could be good for you, and apply. Platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed are very important and you should always keep using them. However, having another way in through a smaller platform will show employers that you are looking for new ways, you are doing your homework and you are willing to be different than everyone else and go the extra mile to find the job you want.

If you have any questions about these platforms, or you would like to talk to me about more platforms that you found that could be useful for other students, please don’t hesitate to email me or schedule an appointment with me.

Oliver De Croock ’24, Student-Athlete at Lawrence University majoring in Economics and Data Science. Oliver works as a Career Peer Educator at the Career Center and is the President of the Lawrence University Business Networking ClubConnect with Oliver on LinkedIn.

“Thank you for the interview opportunity!” How to follow up after interviews and write thank you notes

Following up after job interviews and writing them a quick “thank you” note after the end is a good way to ensure that you still remain in the interviewer’s mind and demonstrate your interest in the role. You should also follow up with a “thank you” note after networking conversations/informational interviews, as they are a great way to show your appreciation and strengthen your existing connections. But how does one write a good “thank you” note?
There is no single right way to pull it off but some general conventions still apply when writing thank you notes following a job or informational interview. When sending a note, be sure to:

  • Send the thank you/follow-up email to the interviewer within 24 hours of the interview. Hiring processes can be done quickly, so hand written cards to follow up on job interviews might not be feasible. However, for informational interviews, sending a written thank you note within a week is a good way to stand out and show your extra appreciation (this can be done in addition to the 24-hour email).
  • Refer to when the interview occurred.
  • Refer to important parts of your conversation with them, such as highlighting a specific piece of advice that resonated with you.
  • For job interviews, reaffirm your interest in the position and why the interview made you even more interested in that position.
  • End with an invitation for further follow up.

Here’s an example format of email to guide you:
Subject: Thank you for the interview opportunity

Dear Mr./Ms./Mx. [Interviewer’s Last Name],
Thank you for speaking with me yesterday about my interest in the [job position you are applying for] role at [organization name]. I sincerely appreciate the time you to took to explain the position and all that it would entail.

I enjoyed our discussion on [add specific references to the conversation]. It only further reaffirmed my interest in the position, as it [explanation of why you are interested in this position]. I am confident that my prior experiences have prepared me to jump right into the role, especially [very brief explanation of why you think you are qualified for the job].

Thank you again for your consideration and for providing me the opportunity to meet with you and your team. Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide as you move forward in the hiring process.

You can find examples here and find more here. If needed, the Career Center has thank you cards available for your use. And, as always, if you need help writing a follow-up note or anything else, you can always make an appointment there!

Raisa Fatima ’23, Career Peer Educator

7 questions about the Career Center that you may have but are too embarrassed to ask

What can the Career Center help with?  The Career Center has Career Peer Educators (or CPEs) and Career Advisors willing to help you with resume building, job/internship searches, exploring life after Lawrence, and more. CPEs can help you with general resume, job searching advice, and how to use platforms like Handshake and Viking Connect. Meanwhile, Career Advisors can offer more specific advice about careers and planning for graduate school.

Where do I even begin? If you don’t have a concrete idea on where to start in the career exploration process, the Career Center can help you get started! Just make an appointment and we will walk you through the Career Center resources and help you identify your career exploration goals.

I just made an appointment, how do I prepare?  You don’t need to stress about preparing for your appointment. For resume review appointments, we can help you get started if you’ve never written a cover letter or resume, or you can bring a current draft to review during the appointment. For other appointments, it’s helpful to make a list of your questions so that we can be sure to cover everything within the advising session. We will always meet you where you’re at!

What is Handshake?  Every student has a Handshake account and you can log in using your Lawrence credentials to register for events, search for jobs and internships, and schedule appointments with Career Advisors and CPEs.

What is Viking Connect? Viking Connect is Lawrence’s alumni networking platform. It is a lot like LinkedIn but it only includes Lawrence students and alumni, and the alumni are ready and there to support you! Connecting with alumni is a good way to conduct informational interviews with people in your potential fields of interest. For example, you can ask alumni about a day in the life of a molecular biologist, or ask how a research and development role with a corporation might look different from academic research. There are even templates to help get you started with networking.

Do I need to use a Handshake account *and* a LinkedIn account *and* a Viking Connect account?  Having a Handshake account is essential for receiving updates from the Career Center and because it is how we schedule appointments. LinkedIn and Viking Connect are centered more around networking. It is highly recommended that you have all three so that you don’t miss out on potential opportunities for career exploration.

I am an upperclassman and have never been to the Career Center – is it too late?  It is never too late to schedule an appointment. The Career Center and its resources are open to you while you are on or off campus, and you can even schedule an appointment after you graduate!

Adapted from Barbara Espinosa’s ’20 (CPE) list of questions that her friends had about the Career Center.

Julia Ammons ’22 is a Biology major and Anthropology minor with interests in the natural sciences and museum studies.

Raisa Fatima ’23 is a Physics major with interests in research related to Physics and/or engineering.