Amazing MuddinisIt’s official: The Seeley G. Mudd Library’s routine in the Wisconsin Library Association’s Book Cart Drill Team competition is the second best in the state! While we will not be going on to Washington D.C. to compete in the nationals, we are pleased as punch to have beaten last year’s winners.

In keeping with the “Reclaim the Magic” theme of the WLA conference, a full third of the Mudd’s staff participated in an extraordinary and physics-defying spectacle of prestidigitation. Amanda Beck, Cindy Patterson, Kate Moody, Antoinette Powell, Colette Lunday Brautigam and Kim Comerford (also known as ACK ACK) donned magician’s garb and wowed the packed house.

Observe the Amazing Muddinis (and their competition) in action on our local newscast.