002 (Medium)Are you interested in Wisconsin history, geology, or politics? Do you enjoy reading locally-written literature? Do you love Wisconsin? If so, take some time to peruse our fabulous Wisconsin Collection!

Located on the library’s fourth floor, the Wisconsin Collection features over 2,500 titles related to Wisconsin or written by Wisconsin authors. State and local history titles abound, some dating from the time when Wisconsin was still a territory. Learn about the rich culture of the Native American tribes who have called the state their home, or about the many immigrants who have settled here. Explore the unique culinary and linguistic history of the area, or savor poetry inspired by Wisconsin’s beautiful landscapes and extreme climate.

The Wisconsin Collection features books about the Fox Cities specifically, as well as other interesting cheese-state locales, such as Milwaukee, Madison, and Door County. Enjoy the works of famous Wisconsin authors Edna Ferber, Aldo Leopold, Jane Hamilton, and Michael Perry. Field guides can help you learn about and identify local flora and fauna, and hiking and backpacking manuals abound if you’re looking to experience the diverse and rustic natural beauty of the state. Biographies of famous Wisconsin residents, such as Les Paul, Gaylord Nelson, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Bob La Folette, can be found in the collection as well.

If you’re curious about regional or state statistics, the collection features a plethora of statistical information, including the full collection of the state’s Blue Books. Of course, it could hardly be named the Wisconsin Collection without titles featuring the Green Bay Packers, the Wisconsin Badgers, and beer.

Whether you’re a political activist or an amateur naturalist, a statistics buff or a committed locavore, be sure to spend some time in the stacks of the Wisconsin Collection. You can see a small sampling of titles from this collection by checking out our Pinterest page. Exploring the state of Wisconsin is as easy as a visit to the Seeley G. Mudd!