Digging Through the Mudd: Zoom Rooms on the 3rd & 4th Floors!

Do you know what a Zoom room is? A Zoom room is a video conferencing station that uses cloud-based technology to power its connections. Unlike Skype and other services, you can video conference with multiple users at once, making it great for larger meetings! Zoom is available for all Lawrence University faculty, staff, and students at go.lawrence.edu/zoom.

The Mudd library has Zoom rooms on the 3rd floor (room 310) and 4th floor (401). Room 401 has to be booked through Lawrence’s room reservation system, but its spacious layout is perfect for big groups. Room 310 has a sign-up clipboard on the door to make it convenient for study sessions. Use whichever one best meets your needs!

Room 401 on the fourth floor, equipped with microphones, speakers, and a Zoom-ready camera.

These rooms are available during library hours: just make sure to reserve room 401 first.