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Oh My Gosh! The Ship Isn’t Moving!

Soon it will be Memorial Day, then the 4th of July, and then the giant holiday void that is August, and then … International Talk Like a Pirate Day! At the Mudd we can’t wait for September 19th to roll around. Now, you too can practice your pirate platitudes, pronouns and participles.

Mango Languages, a language-learning company, is offering a Pirate Course FREE now through June 30. As they so accurately put it: “Pirate is bold, brazen and chock full of eccentric insults.”

Some of your “Conversational Goals” may be:

  • Call someone names
  • Express surprise
  • Give sailing commands
  • Greet a friend and a superior
  • Pay a compliment

As an added bonus you get cultural notes, cool graphics and genuine pirates pronouncing the words.