Hiring Timeline and Internship Programs Series Part 1: Summer Internships

There are a variety of internship programs for anyone interested in a career relating to #BE. We will cover many of them and the hiring timeline in a 2 Part Series: Part 1 covers companies offering Summer Internships and Part 2 covers Rotational Internships (ones where you have to work in multiple roles with some being full-time job programs geared towards new grads) and Educational Programs.
Focusing on Summer Internships in this article, most applications open around July or August and the deadlines are usually in September or October for the following summer. Given Lawrence’s academic year, you may find yourself busy with classes when these deadlines arrive, so it would be wise to plan ahead. For instance, select internships that interest you and prepare applications in the summer when you may have more time. Here are some internships to start your search over the summer and their application opening dates (program details and deadlines are in the links) to help plan out your application process.

Applications Opening in August:

Microsoft ACE Rotation ProgramApplications for 2022 open in August 2021 (mainly for Juniors and Seniors interested in pursuing careers in Marketing).

Microsoft University InternshipTypically, most applications open in August or December, however some open in March.

Cigna: Technology Early Career Development Program (TECDP)Applications open starting August 2021 for Juniors and Seniors.

Cigna: Operations Leadership Development Program (OLDP) Summer InternshipApplications open starting August 2021 (mainly for Seniors who have just graduated as they are looking for people with a Bachelor’s Degree in related fields).

Applications open Starting September:

Cigna: Summer Internship ProgramApplications open from September to November annually for Juniors and Seniors.

Spotify: Global Summer InternshipEarly applications open in the Fall with some opening over spring and summer. Some are still open, so if working for Spotify interests you, be sure to check them out!

L’Oreal: USA Summer Internship Program – Operations– Undergraduate (Supply Chain / Manufacturing)Applications are for Juniors and open up early September with interviews occurring from September to January.

Uber Student Internships: Applications are open from September to November.

Uber Student Internships: Applications are open from September to November.


Undergraduate Leadership ProgramsThere are a variety of leadership programs for undergraduate students. If working with this company and the programs they offer interest you, you can go through them here.

JP Morgan Internship Program: Typically open from April to October.

CSX Internships: Opportunities are posted as they become available.

If none of these internships interest you, that’s alright! The next part in this series covers rotational internships and educational programs so be sure to check them out as well!
The majority of the internships open during August/September and end up closing in the middle of our fall or winter terms, which can make it difficult to apply while handling all your other responsibilities at Lawrence. To get help in planning ahead and preparing your applications, schedule an appointment with Grace, our #BE advisor (she’s available all summer too), or with Raisa, our CPE!
Raisa Fatima ’23 Career Peer Educator