Woz U Highlight

Want to get a head start on your technology career? Interested in working with industry professionals and learning the ins and outs of tech and data science careers?

Woz U is a company devoted to providing technical education, offering courses in software development, cyber security, and data science!

Woz U emphasizes one-on-one mentorship with experts who will not only help provide hands-on courses in technology and data curricula, but also help you figure out what career in technology is right for you. Created by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Woz U partners with accredited institutions to educate the next generation of high-tech employees.

Engage with industry-relevant curriculum and project-based learning to dive into the world of technology and data development. From software development to cyber security training to big data and data analysis, each line of curriculum is designed to take students approximately 8 months, and is entirely virtual.

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