Résumé Phrase Ideas for Common Campus Jobs

Campus jobs and student organization leadership positions are rich with valuable transferable skills. These experiences can be captured on your resume and described during interviews. For inspiration, here are a few examples clustered by job type.

Admissions Office Student Worker

  • Represented university to campus visitors, including prospective students, parents, alumni and community members
  • Answered questions about ____ College and local community
  • Wrote original content for Admissions Blog, read by prospective students and parents
  • Helped set up for special visit days and Admissions events
  • Entered data into Banner database, maintaining accuracy and strict confidentiality
  • Answered phones and called prospective students
  • Participated in regular staff meetings
  • Offered suggestions for improving campus tour procedure, all of which were adopted
  • Consistently recognized by visitors for providing engaging and interesting campus tours
  • Trained new student workers, both on the job and during week-long training
  • Provided front desk coverage as needed
  • Performed variety of administrative tasks, including filing, photocopying, faxing, checking and sending emails, preparing mass mailings, etc.

Food Service Worker/Catering Staff

  • Worked professionally with diverse range of patrons, including faculty, donors, board members, alumni, students and general public
  • One of only 2 student workers requested by name to cater high-stakes donor events
  • Communicated regularly with supervisors and co-workers to ensure timely and efficient set-up of large-scale events
  • Conducted regular detailed inventory of stock to ensure accurate documentation for purchasing manager
  • Assisted in training new staff; edited and updated training manual to include time-saving tips
  • Promoted twice within same academic year
  • Managed customer complaints professionally and promptly
  • Organized and cleaned work station regularly to ensure safe, efficient work environment
  • Assisted in other workstations as needed; floated between stations whenever necessary
  • Adapted easily to new equipment and procedures; assisted other staff in making transition
  • Collaborated with supervisors and co-workers to resolve staffing coverage concerns

Greek Life

  • Oversaw and executed recruitment process; created public relations plan for the year and successfully increase recruitment quota from ___ to ____
  • Collaborated with membership chairs of other sororities to coordinate recruitment process
  • Oversaw $_____ budget; coordinated with President in allocating funds responsibly throughout academic year
  • Spearheaded university’s first Leadership Speaker Series; enlisted help of alumni and local professionals to share their leadership expertise
  • Organized several philanthropic events, both on campus and in community, successfully raising over $____ for local charities
  • Commissioned to design logo for InterFraternity Council’s stop smoking initiative
  • Used Java and MySQL to develop a voting system to enable members to anonymously vote on fraternity business
  • Re-designed fraternity’s website using PHP and Flash resulting in __% increase in web traffic
  • Participated in diversity and cultural sensitivity training
  • Served as member of chapter’s Honor Board
  • Ensured that all standing rules and bylaws, as well as national rules, were adhered to consistently

Library Student Worker

  • Answered patron questions, referred them to appropriate resources
  • Communicated regularly with supervisor and co-workers to ensure efficient transition between shifts
  • Trained new student staff to on library procedures and on how to use electronic databases
  • Offered suggestion for creating Discord group for library workers, helping to encourage community-building
  • Helped craft solution for scheduling conflicts among student staff
  • Acted as first point of contact for community members, including toddlers, teens, business people and retirees
  • Sorted and re-shelved books and media
  • Processed faculty and graduate student requests for interlibrary loans
  • Labeled, stamped and sorted hundreds of books with 100% accuracy

Resident Assistant/Community Advisor

  • Designed and delivered wide range of programming options for residents, resulting in 5% increase in student participation over previous year
  • Participated in extensive safety training and on-going professional development
  • Acted as mediator for residents and helped identify practical solutions for disagreements
  • Maintained professionalism during emergency situations, being careful to implement standard protocols
  • Referred students to appropriate on-campus and off-campus resources as needed
  • Collaborated regularly with fellow RAs to ensure safe, respectful, fun, inclusive living environment
  • Processed and recorded all requests for maintenance repairs or custodial needs
  • Communicated with administrators, staff, faculty and community members in person, by phone, and through written correspondence
  • Recognized as approachable and energetic by residents, peers, staff, and administrators
  • Oversaw logistics for various programs, including securing venues, ordering food, coordinating schedules, and implementing marketing strategies
  • Organized collaborative hall events to raise awareness about sustainability efforts
  • Assisted with move-in day activities; welcomed freshmen and their families
  • Respond promptly and professionally to all resident concerns

Student Organization President

  • Led monthly all-group meetings, and bi-weekly leadership meetings
  • Instituted new marketing plan to overhaul recruitment practices resulting in 45% increase in membership
  • Assisted in developing strategic plan which included, ______, ______, and ______
  • During two year tenure, increased member participation in ____ by ____%
  • Mediated member disagreements, particularly related to allocation of funds
  • Represented group on various campus-wide committees to advocate for ______ issues
  • Communicated regularly with other student organizations, administrative offices, faculty and community members
  • Recognized as an approachable, fair, professional leader
  • Coordinated logistics for annual student conference in _________
  • Acted as emcee for ____ fundraiser which raised over $____ for ______
  • Generated discussion topics for weekly brown bag lunch series
  • Identified and secured speakers for _______ event
  • Revitalized group’s social media presence, including the addition of Instagram and TikTok, leading to 126% improved member involvement


  • Explained complex mathematical concepts in easy-to-understand terms to high school students
  • Spoke with parents in person and by phone to provide progress updates and to answer questions or concerns regarding their child’s learning
  • Offered test-taking and exam preparation strategies to freshmen and sophomore French majors
  • Organized weekly lesson plans for 8 music students
  • Coordinated tutoring schedules for 2 college students and 4 high school students
  • Facilitated workshops on “Time Management for College Students”
  • Provided one-on-one tutoring for college students with different learning abilities, including a student diagnosed with dyslexia, and another diagnosed with Asperger syndrome
  • Worked with students on analytical reasoning
  • Helped students identify problems in their writing, such as circular or faulty reasoning

Front Desk Worker

  • Managed front-desk operations for a busy college ______ office, offering information and support to approximately 40 students and staff members each day
  • Enhanced communication skills by efficiently connecting with a varied university community in person, over email, and over the phone
  • Increased customer satisfaction by immediately responding to student concerns and resolving difficulties, resulting in a pleasant and welcoming environment
  • Documented and provided comments from challenging contacts to management, which helped to enhance future service and operational procedures
  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date guest records, ensuring that all entries and updates were made promptly and correctly, hence improving data integrity
  • Effectively communicated and escalated events and consumer complaints to supervisors in a calm manner, ensuring that all necessary details were accurately delivered for prompt resolution

IT Helpdesk Worker

  • Developed and maintained current documentation of all IT procedures and system configurations, decreasing onboarding time for new help desk personnel. 
  • Provided technical support to over 200 university staff and students, fixing difficulties with software, hardware, and networking while maintaining a 95% satisfaction rate from user surveys.
  • specialized in identifying and fixing difficulties with student account access, such as account unlocks, password resets, and authentication issues
  • Supported the setting of multi-factor authentication for student accounts, to decrease the likelihood of unwanted access and increased account security
  • welcomed and helped more than fifteen students every day at the IT help desk, offering first-rate assistance and fostering a warm and encouraging environment for interaction