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Meeting and Event Coordinators

Whenever you think of event planning or coordinating, the first thing that pops into your mind might be “aren’t those the people that make weddings happen?” While you are technically right, there are other types of event coordinators whose scope of work exceeds a wedding.  One of these is a Corporate Meeting and Event Coordinator.  This position is vital to making sure office and organization events go smoothly.  The other role is that of a Personal Event Coordinator.   Personal Event Coordinators organize personal events like family reunions, retreats, and, celebrations like, yes- weddings. Opportunities for both of these careers are growing incredibly rapidly, in fact, faster than most occupations, so it is very enticing for recent graduates, especially as a starting position.  The pay is on the low end when starting, but the most successful event planners can make seven-figure salaries.

Corporate Meeting and Event Coordinators, self-explanatorily, arrange times for live and virtual meetings, for organizations and clients.  They check technology and registration and make sure everything is accounted for. Some event coordinating can be grander, such as organizing company outings and celebrations, which calls for more moving components like budgeting for meals and/or desserts, decorations, and perhaps a venue.

Personal Event Coordinators may have broader range of responsibility. They can help organizations with events if the organization does not have a designated event coordinator in-house, but they also work with individuals who feel they need help with a birthday party or that wedding. Planning meals/desserts, finding decorations, and a reserving a venue are tasks that are usually part of the job.  Other tasks could include sending proper invitations and organizing transportation and accommodations. Here, the event coordinator may also be in charge of coordinating what to do in a day, depending on the clients’ wishes.

To become a meeting and event coordinator, most employers would prefer a candidate to have a bachelor’s degree in communications or a related field. Certifications for event coordinating can also be helpful.





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