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Museum Jobs: A Career Path for Passionate Learners

Museums are places of learning and discovery.  They offer a unique opportunity to explore art, history, and culture. For Lawrence students with a passion for these subjects, a career in museums can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

There are many different types of museum jobs available. Some of the most common include:

  • Curator: Curators are responsible for the overall management of a museum’s collection. They work with other staff members to select, acquire, and preserve objects for the collection. They also develop and oversee exhibitions, write educational materials and create the overall “feel” of the museum.
  • Archivist: Archivists are responsible for the care and management (and possible restoration) of a museum’s art, records and documents. They work to ensure that these materials are preserved and accessible to researchers and the public.
  • Educators: Educators create and deliver educational programs for museum visitors, either in a classroom setting, or while giving a tour.  They may work with students of all ages, from preschool to adult.
  • Researchers: Researchers conduct research on the museum’s collection and other topics related to art, history, and culture. They may publish their findings in scholarly journals or present them at conferences.
  • Marketing and Public Relations: Marketing and public relations professionals help to promote museums to the public. They develop and execute marketing campaigns, write press releases, and create social media content.
  • Fundraisers: Fundraisers work to raise money for museums. They may work with donors to secure individual gifts, or they may work with foundations and corporations to secure grants.

The qualifications for museum jobs vary depending on the specific position. However, most museum jobs require a bachelor’s degree in programs such as Art History, History, or Museum Studies, all of which are available at Lawrence. Some jobs, such as Curator and Archivist, usually require a master’s degree or higher.

If you are interested in a museum job, the next step is to get some experience under your belt! The Trout Museum of Art, Building for Kids Children’s Museum, and the History Museum at the Castle are all close to campus, and, in the past, have had Lawrence students as volunteers, interns and/or part-time employees.  Like in most careers, museums always look for experience beyond the classroom, so working at one of these three places now would provide a great museum experience with completely different vibes, showing just how diverse museums can be in subject and tone.





Spencer R. Brown is a junior in their first year at Lawrence University, with a major in Government. They work as a media and marketing assistant in the Career Center, and curates articles for students in both Communication, Journalism & Written Arts (#CJW) and Government, Law & International Relations (#GLI) career communities. A writer and animator by trade and part-time mascot, Spencer is fascinated in finding ways to make digesting information entertaining. Feel free to connect with them on LinkedIn here!