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Don’t Feel Like You *Have* To Become a CEO

News from the research front that (some) economics majors are going places. To wit, “the share of graduates who were Economics majors who were CEOs in 2004 was greater than that for any other major, including Business Administration and Engineering.”

Here’s the paper, appropriately titled “Economics: A Good Choice of Major for Future CEOs,” and here’s from the abstract:

We find evidence that Economics is a good choice of major for those aspiring to become a CEO. Economics ranked third with 9% of the CEOs of the S&P 500 companies in 2004 being undergraduate Economics majors, behind Business Administration and Engineering majors, each of which accounted for 20% of the CEOs. When adjusting for size of the pool of graduates, those with undergraduate degrees in Economics are shown to have had a greater likelihood of becoming an S&P 500 CEO than any other major. That is, the share of graduates who were Economics majors who were CEOs in 2004 was greater than that for any other major, including Business Administration and Engineering. The findings also show that a higher percentage of CEOs who were Economics majors subsequently completed a graduate degree – often an MBA – than did their counterparts with Business Administration and Engineering degrees.

I nicked that from Marginal Revolution, and I’m certain there will be plenty of snarky commentary over there about it.

Some other interesting data over there. For example, the total number of business majors is split pretty evenly between males and females, but economics is 70% male. Of course, females now make up 60% of the undergraduate population.

That’s Entertainment

AC10-119 LSB Entertainment Industry Summit Poster
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For those of you grousing about looking for the whens and wheres of the Lawrence Scholars in Business Entertainment Summit, you’ve come to the right place. It is today at 4 p.m. in the Hurvis Room of the Warch Campus Center. Dinner to follow at 6, space permitting.

This is the final LSB event of the year, and should appeal to folks of all stripes, from the economics majors to the Conservatory and Arts students.

Click the poster for the full report.

Star-power at Lawrence this Saturday

AC10-119 LSB Entertainment Industry Summit Poster
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This Saturday the Lawrence Scholars in Business program will have its final event of the year: the Entertainment Summit. This event should be of interest not only to economics and other majors who are interested in the business of show-biz, but also to Conservatory and Arts students interested in getting into the entertainment world.

Five Lawrentians who know that world very well will be here to tell us about it: Alan Berger, Emeline Davis, Lee Shallat Chemel, Liz Cole, and Campbell Scott. Take a moment to click on those links, and marvel at the star-power arriving to campus on Saturday. Campbell Scott will be showing his new mockumentary, Company Retreat, at 7:15 pm on Friday, May 21st, in the Warch Cinema.

Please sign up in the Career Center, or by email at

LSB Getting its Props

This week’s This is Lawrence video gives a big shout out to the Lawrence Scholars in Business program, spearheaded by the intrepid, semi-fearless and always venturesome, Professor Adam Galambos.

Here is the video!!!

Can you believe all the talent on display? I spotted trustee and LSB champion Bob Perille, LSB-Scholarship winner and I&E reading group member Katelin Richter, Tyler Vane, Suzie Kraemer, Colin Smith, Murtaza, Professors Galambos and Finkler, and many others. Make sure to send it to your parents and friends. And your friends’ parents. And your parents’ friends. It’s simply the best This is Lawrence video in memory.

Speaking of LSB, the Chicago trip is coming up. That should be educational and entertaining. Don’t miss it.

And, speaking of entertaining, the Entertainment Industry Summit is coming in May.

Could LSB rock any harder?

Nothing Elementary About It!

You should check out the Watson Fellowships if you think you might be in the running.  If you are intellectually curious and have a good idea, this is a big opportunity.

Watson Fellowship

Information sessions!

Wed. April 21st 11:10-12:20 Runckel, and 2:00-3:00 Kraemer

Warch Campus Center

With the Director of the Thomas J. Watson Foundation

Cleveland Johnson

What is the Watson Fellowship?

Simply put, one of the coolest fellowships ever offered.  The winner of a Watson Fellowship receives $25,000 to carry out a one-year independent study of her own design.


The Watson is awarded to graduating seniors. The winner must carry out the proposed study outside of their home country (typically the US), and they must be gone for the entire year (no sneaking home for the holidays).  The proposal should be focused on something the applicant is passionate about, but may not have had a chance to explore before.  Sword-making, rain-forest ecology, mermaid myths, and the role of harmonics in sacred music are just a few of the topics previous winners have studied. Our winner this year, Alex Winter, will be heading off to Asia to study on-line gaming culture.

Time Line

Applications are due at the end of September at the start of your graduating year, BUT it is never too early to start thinking about what you might propose. So everyone is welcome to this information session given by the Watson Director himself.  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

We have scheduled two separate sessions for your convenience!

LSB Returns in Spectacular Fashion!

This weekend the Lawrence Scholars in Business program bis hosting a number of esteemed alums from the investment world. This weekend’s program kicks off at 2 p.m. over in the Warch Campus Center.

LSB Investment Management Summit If you have even an inkling of interest the financial markets coordination of savings and investment, the regulation (or absence thereof) of the financial sector, or even a career in that field, you should think about coming out.  (This couldn’t come at a better time for my 240 class, which is learning about the Stigler-Peltzman Capture Theory).

The participant information is below and you should sign up in the career center ASAP, or sooner.

Lawrence Scholars in Business Portfolio Management Summit

Dean DuMonthier ’88 • portfolio manager, Copia Capital
Copia Capital is a Chicago-area investment firm that manages hedge funds invested in the utilities, industrials, energy and materials sectors. The company is a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley’s hedge fund company, FrontPoint Partners.

Chuck Saunders ’84 • partner and senior portfolio manager, NorthRoad Capital Management
NorthRoad Capital Management is an employee-owned investment firm in New York City.  Saunders manages the firm’s international and global public equity portfolios for both private  and institutional clients.

Christopher Serra ’92 • senior equity research analyst, Thrivent Investment Management
Thrivent Asset Management is the securities brokerage and financial advisory subsidiary of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, which provides financial and insurance products and services to nearly 3 million members.  Thrivent Investment Management offers full and discount brokerage services, mutual funds and education funding products.

Markus Specks ’06 • hedge fund analyst, Varde Partners, Inc.
Varde Partners, Inc., is a privately-held investment advisor specializing in alternative investments and distressed assets. Headquartered in Minneapolis, the firm also has offices in London and Singapore.

Please sign up in the Career Center or e-mail:

Reminder: LSB Investments Summit Today

There is no bigger LSB supporter than trustee Bob Perille ‘80, who is spearheading today’s LSB investments summit.   Mr. Perille is the managing director at Shamrock Capital and a very sharp cat, indeed.   That should be reason enough to come out today.

But, of course, there’s more.   Mr. Perille will be joined by Alan Allweiss ‘77, Dan Howell ‘74, and Bryan Torcivia ’81.   That’s a lot of talent in one room.

The Summit starts at 3:30 over in the Hurvis room.

Here is Prof. Galambos’ original post on the matter.

Careers in Advertising, Marketing and Branding

Marketing America’s first carbon neutral beer; Creating a winning Superbowl ad; Apple: Shattering expectations, exploding orthodoxies, making nice; Branding the tallest building in the world; Creating a highly profitable, award-winning, new restaurant which helps to change the way people eat … for the better. Does any of this sound interesting to you? See some great, multimedia presentations on these topics from Lawrentians who are at the top of the marketing world, and find out more about careers in marketing, advertising, and branding. Whatever your background, you may find marketing interesting and profitable, but these careers fit especially well for students from Arts, Music, Psychology, Anthropology, English, Economics, and social science generally.

Join us Sunday, February 21st at 3:00pm. Sign up in the Career Center or by email at If you’d like to join the group for dinner in Andrew Commons afterwards, sign up for that, too–we’ll pay for dinner! Here’s a poster for the event!

This Saturday, LSB Banking Summit, One Day Only!!!

Don’t forget, tomorrow (Saturday) is the LSB banking summit. Looks like a solid lineup. Don’t worry if you haven’t already signed up, there should be plenty of space.

Banking Summit

The next Lawrence Scholars in Business event is the Commercial and Investment Banking Summit, and it will take place on Saturday, February 13th from 10:00 to 12:00 in the Hurvis room in the Campus Center. If you come for the event, join our guests for lunch right afterwards–just go through the line as usually, and then go to the Parrish/Perille dining room.

Our guests will be

Rob Bearman ’75 — managing director, Barclays Capital, Inc., (investment banking division of Barclays PLC); formerly at Goldman Sachs for 20 years;

Hugh McLean ’80 — former executive managing director and president, The PrivateBank & Trust Company (suburban Chicago offices);

Dave Naunheim ’77 — president and chief lending officer, United Missouri Bank (UMB)-St. Louis.

These three alumni have a deep knowledge of the banking world, so this is a great opportunity to learn about careers in banking, or just to learn about the financial world, the linchpin of the economy. Our panelists will specifically discuss the financial crisis from an insider’s perspective. In addition, they will talk about interviewing strategies generally and for banking jobs specifically. This is an opportunity to learn something about the economy that you don’t get in a course, and it is an opportunity to make connections with well-placed alumni who are ready to help you.

I strongly encourage you to attend, if you are on campus during reading period, and you might even change your plans for the weekend so that you are able to join us. Sign up in the career center or email

Shine a Light… Life After Lawrence Edition

It’s never too early to think about what you are going to do after you leave Lawrence. In fact, thinking about what you might do after graduation could well open up some exciting opportunities whilst you are still here in the friendly confines of Appleton.

A week from Sunday, February 14, St. Valentine’s Day, and the last day of the reading period, 25 alumni will be on campus for the Shine Light, More Light on Your Future conference. I strongly recommend that you seize the opportunity to meet our alumni and discuss their career paths and experiences. They are here because they love Lawrence and want to help folks just like you.

Looks like a really solid lineup, including my mentor, Alan Parks! And, there’s probably free food, too.

Continue reading Shine a Light… Life After Lawrence Edition

Management Consulting Summit

The Lawrence Scholars in Business program is hosting a Management Consulting Summit on Saturday, January 23rd from 9:00 to 12:00, with lunch following. All students who are interested in learning more about management consulting from successful Lawrence alumni are encouraged to attend. Lawrentians from major consulting firms will talk about their careers, about the field, and what you can do if you are interested in becoming a consultant. There will also be an interactive case study. Students interested in lunch afterward should go through the line in Andrew Commons and join us in the Parrish/Perille room. Please sign up in the Career Center for the summit as well as for the lunch. We hope to see you there!

The Costs and Benefits of Grad School

Well, there’s good news and bad news making the rounds on the blogosphere. The good news, as most of you probably know, is that a bachelors degree (on average, of course) is a pretty good investment in terms of future income stream.

About a third of you (again, on average) will make a return to the ivory tower to pursue an advanced degree. And that’s where the bad news, if you can call it that, comes in. Check out the data from this post on law school and especially the figure showing salary differentials.

The table is especially revealing in the dangers of relying on “averages” when making a decision. If I was making a decision about heading to law school, I’d want to know whether I was more likely to end up in the high or the low-income humps of that distribution.