Alternative Investments Summit

Join us this Saturday, 3:30, the Hurvis room, to learn about private equity and other kinds of alternative investments. The session will be led by Bob Perille ’80, Managing Director at Shamrock Capital, the private equity firm started by Roy Disney, Walt Disney’s nephew. Alan Allweiss ’77, Managing Director at LBC Credit Partners, Dan Howell ’74, Senior Managing Director, Mesirow Financial, and Bryan Torcivia ’81, mergers and acquisitions consultant (BAT Consulting) will join Mr. Perille in explaining alternative investments and what’s wrong with hedge funds.

Mr. Perille will bring offering memoranda (an offering memorandum is a document explaining the details of an investment to potential investors), and student teams will have to decide whether to buy the firm or not, and for how much.

Last year there was a substantial prize!

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