Student Org Resources

Club Recognition Process

Recognition Steps

  1. Start your club
  2. Submit the recognition request form
  3. Steering Committee Interview
  4. Steering Result – approve, deny, or trial period
  5. Operate as a Recognized Organization!

A Strong Recognition Request

  • Club has at least 5 members (minimum requirement)
  • Already held meetings, clear purpose of meetings
  • Clear plans for expansion, if recognized
  • Has enough students and energy to sustain for future terms

Club Recognition Frequently Asked Questions | Q&A

Q – What can I expect at my Steering Interview?

A – You’ll have an opportunity to share more about your plans for the club and ask any questions you might have. The class representatives on the committee will also ask you about your membership, activities, and how you might make use of LUCC funding.

Q – Should I wait to meet until my group has been recognized? 

A – No! Groups with existing regular meetings and membership have much stronger recognition applications. The more meetings you have had, the clearer your group’s ideas about how they might use Student Activities funds will become, and the better you will be able to articulate them.

Q – How long does this process take?  

A – From application to recognition, anywhere between 2 – 8 weeks with a trial period. If you have a specific event in mind that you’d like funding for – apply early, so that you have time to go through the recognition process before you submit a funding request to the Finance committee! 

Q – Who should I contact if I have questions? 

A – The LUCC General Secretary – either at their personal email or at 

Q – What does it mean if my group was placed on a trial period? 

A – All new organizations are required to go on a 6-week trial period before full approval. In the past, groups have been placed on a trial period to advertise more widely, gain more members, or plan more events open to the whole campus. You will not need to submit a new form, but you will be invited before the committee again after 4-6 weeks to report on your progress. 

Q – What does it mean if my group was denied?  

A – If your request for recognition is denied, the committee will provide a reason that aligns with the Student Handbook, and you may submit a new recognition request once you have addressed that reason for denial. 

Q – What sections of the Handbook should I look at if I want to know more? 

A – Page 121 (Section IV.B)

Q – Did you get my email?  

A – Probably! Several students handle the LUCC email, so it’s very likely that it was seen and a response is in the works. If it’s been more than two weeks, please feel free to send a follow-up.  

Budget Request and Funding Processes

Tips for a Successful Funding Request

  1. Submit your request on time. If you submit the request on time, Finance Committee will be able to review your request and allocate money on time. If you miss the deadline, unless the Finance Committee decides to make an exception for your organization, your request will not be reviewed until the next available time.
    • Ongoing Funding Request typically closes at 11:59 pm on the Tuesday before the Finance Meeting.  
    • Annual Budget Request closes on the date designated by LUCC Cabinet in Spring Term.  
  2. Plan your spending carefully. If you plan out your expenses in advance for your event, the Finance Committee will understand how you will utilize the allocated money. If your event lacks basic fiscal details, the Finance Committee may not allocate you money.
    • “No organization will be provided with funds in excess of the funds allocated by the LUCC Finance Committee to such organization.” –Student Handbook, Pg. 72

How to Request an Annual Budget

“An itemized report of all spending from the past academic year. i. If a full report from the past academic year is not possible, the organization must submit an itemized report of all spending from the past term, at minimum.”  –Student Handbook, Pg. 73

  1. Regarding off-campus traveling. When traveling off-campus (except Bjork), you should ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to go on the trip, since it is a rare opportunity. In addition, regarding off-campus travel expenses- 
    • “Off-campus travel will be capped at $600 per person per trip…This includes all transportation and lodging” –Student Handbook, Pg. 73
  2. Regarding serving food during events. If you are serving food at your event, it has to be open to all student body, given everyone paid for the Student Activity Fund. According to the LUCC Student Handbook- 
    • “LUCC funds may be allocated for food for the following:  
      • Visiting speakers and performers
      • Small amounts of food for receptions after public events (e.g., lectures or performances) 
      • Events central to the purpose or mission of the organization  
    • LUCC funds may not be allocated for food for the following:
      • Regular meetings of the organization
      • Meals or snacks while attending or traveling to or from a conference, competition, festival, or the like” –Student Handbook, Pg. 72

Frequently Asked Questions | Q&A

Q – After approval from the Finance Committee, how soon will I get the money? 

A – For Ongoing Funding Request, the transaction will take place after General Council approves the Finance Minutes. Thus the safest estimate would be around two weeks after the Finance Meeting. For Annual Budget Request, the money will come through at the beginning of next Fall Term.  

Q – Does my club need a treasurer and do they have to be trained? 

A – All student organizations must have a trained treasurer to request or spend money. If your organization doesn’t have a treasurer, you will not be able to spend funds. If you have a treasurer who would like to be trained, please reach out to the SEAL Office.

Q – Will I get fully funded?

A – If your request is comprehensive and well-planned, and doesn’t violate the policy in the Student Handbook, then you have a better chance of getting fully funded. However, this is not a guarantee, as the Finance Committee will review the request on a case-by-case basis. The Finance Committee will make the following decision: fully fund, partially fund, table, or deny.

Q – What if I want to make changes to my request/need more money? 

A – There are several ways to go about this. 1. You can attend the Finance Meeting and explain the changes. 2. You can send in another revised request if the time allows. 3. If the time being is not allowed, you can always contact our Treasurer for an Emergency Allocation (up to $250).  

Q – What should I do if I need help with Finance? 

A – If you need any help, feel free to contact or from SEAL Office for assistance.