Recognition Resources

Club Recognition Process

Recognition Steps

  1. Start your club
  2. Submit the recognition request form
  3. Steering Committee Interview
  4. Complete Trial Period
  5. Steering Result – Approve or Deny
  6. Operate as a Recognized Organization
  7. Visit the finance page for funding information

A Strong Recognition Request

  • Club has at least 5 members
  • Meetings have been held with an established purpose or mission
  • Clear plans for expansion
  • Sustainable membership and involvement

Club Recognition Frequently Asked Questions | Q&A

Q – What can I expect at my Steering Interview?

A – A Steering Interview provides an opportunity to explain and expand upon existing plans for your organization or club. It also allows class representatives to ask any questions they may have while also clarifying any aspects of the recognition process your organization’s representative might have.

Q – Should a proposed organization wait to meet until they have been recognized? 

A –  No; prospective student organizations are advised to meet both as a general assembly and as a board before their steering interview. An established meeting pattern both aids your organization’s ability to complete the recognition application and is evident of a clear and enacted purpose or mission.

Q – How long does this process take?  

A – Once a proposed student organization’s application has been received, it will be added to the Steering committee’s earliest agenda in line with both the availability of the student organization’s representative(s) and the committee’s. This process typically takes seven weeks from initial submission to a Steering decision. The timeline cannot be compromised by a desire for a specific event’s funding, so be sure to apply in advance. 

Q – Where should questions about the recognition process be directed? 

A – Additional questions can be directed to the LUCC General Secretary at  

Q – What does it mean if the organization’s application is denied?  

A – In the event the recognition application is denied, the Steering Committee will provide a written rationale explaining how they reached their conclusion. Once changes have been made in accordance with the rationale, the organization may re-submit a recognition application.  

Q – What sections of the Handbook contain pertinent information regarding this process? 

A – Section IV.B – (Page 121)

Q – What is the average response time for an email directed to LUCC?

A – Most emails receive a response within seven business days. If a response has not been received within this time frame, please feel free to send a follow-up. Many of the executive officers have access to the inbox, so don’t be alarmed if someone besides the General Secretary responds.