Student Alliance Against Sexual Harassment & Assault | SAASHA

SAASHA, originally a task force for LUCC but now an official standing committee is committed to ending sexual violence on the Lawrence University campus by facilitating discussion, education, and awareness about issues of sexual misconduct. We aim to connect students with vital resources and implement programs to carry out our mission statement

Committee Membership

  • Madeleine (MJ) Corum – co-chair
  • Chloe Forero – co-chair
  • Annika Dunkel – event planner
  • Sherilyn Patterson – voting member & event coordinator
  • Shelby Stoddard – secretary
  • Matvei Mozhaev – social media manager
  • Maddie Anderson – social media manager
  • Hayden Young – voting member
  • Emma Moya – voting member
  • Jasmin McGee – voting member
  • Caitlin Bourg – voting member
  • Jamie Haak – SHARE representative
  • Meridian Ondrejka – SHARE representative

Meeting Schedule & Location

Mondays from 8pm to 9pm in the living room space of Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life