This Saturday, LSB Banking Summit, One Day Only!!!

Don’t forget, tomorrow (Saturday) is the LSB banking summit. Looks like a solid lineup. Don’t worry if you haven’t already signed up, there should be plenty of space.

Banking Summit

The next Lawrence Scholars in Business event is the Commercial and Investment Banking Summit, and it will take place on Saturday, February 13th from 10:00 to 12:00 in the Hurvis room in the Campus Center. If you come for the event, join our guests for lunch right afterwards–just go through the line as usually, and then go to the Parrish/Perille dining room.

Our guests will be

Rob Bearman ’75 — managing director, Barclays Capital, Inc., (investment banking division of Barclays PLC); formerly at Goldman Sachs for 20 years;

Hugh McLean ’80 — former executive managing director and president, The PrivateBank & Trust Company (suburban Chicago offices);

Dave Naunheim ’77 — president and chief lending officer, United Missouri Bank (UMB)-St. Louis.

These three alumni have a deep knowledge of the banking world, so this is a great opportunity to learn about careers in banking, or just to learn about the financial world, the linchpin of the economy. Our panelists will specifically discuss the financial crisis from an insider’s perspective. In addition, they will talk about interviewing strategies generally and for banking jobs specifically. This is an opportunity to learn something about the economy that you don’t get in a course, and it is an opportunity to make connections with well-placed alumni who are ready to help you.

I strongly encourage you to attend, if you are on campus during reading period, and you might even change your plans for the weekend so that you are able to join us. Sign up in the career center or email