Economics Resources

As I head into mid-term here (yes, the first 300 exam is a week from today), I note that I am even more behind than usual.  Part of this is due to overreaching on my professional commitments.  Part is teaching Freshman Studies and wading through The Republic with the rest of the bunch.  Part is the preparations for the upcoming Schumptoberfest Creative Instruction weekend (we have some space for those of you who missed before).  And, drinking tea and who knows what all else.

So, for those of you looking for content, you might check out the Links section down the right-hand margin. One of those links is the RSS feed for recent economics acquisitions from The Mudd.   There are some great items there, including Nouriel Roubini’s new book, as well as some treatments of development in East Asia and Brazil.

You might also check out the link to my recommendations.   The list includes some of the blogs I frequent, resources available at The Mudd (including some excellent databases), and a list of some other handy sites.   It’s a lot easier to find good stuff if you look in the best places first, that’s for sure.

If there are some other resources you think I should add, please let me know.

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