Michael Lewis on Iceland and Ireland and Greece (Oh, my!)

We had a very enthusiastic EconTea today with Bob Atwell and Sarah Bohn, including a cursory discussion of Michael Lewis’ excellent series of pieces over the past two years in Vanity Fair.

Here’s a piece on the rather bizarre Icelandic collapse.

Then another on the Greek disaster.  That doesn’t look good for them.

And, finally, here’s a piece on Ireland that Professor Finkler wrote about a few months back.

Each piece is an interesting mix of sociology, economics, and business, with generally the same result (financial catastrophe), but with different causal factors and different prospects going forward (Iceland still has fish and heat; Ireland will go back to being Ireland; Greece is hosed).  For more on Lewis, check out our previous posts, or simply head over to The Mudd.

Thanks to our guests.  We hope to see you back in Briggs soon.