On the Road with F. A. Hayek

This fall, Professor Galambos and I will be leading a group read of F.A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom. The course will be offered for one unit as DS 391 — On the Road with Hayek, and we will have a sign up and coordinate times at the beginning of fall term. I expect with this book we will probably meet eight of the ten weeks.

If you are the type that lets one-unit courses slide, you might consider picking up the book and giving it a once over this summer in preparation for fall term. I suggest you get the edition edited by historian of economic thought, Bruce Caldwell.

For those of you looking to kill an hour with a podcast, here’s Caldwell at EconTalk, talking about Hayek.

Here’s Hayek’s classic American Economic Review piece, “The Use of Knowledge in Society.”  And here.  And here’s Hayek’s Nobel lecture, “The Pretence of Knowledge.”

See you this fall.

UPDATE:  You can get an add course sheet outside of our offices.

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  1. Sorry I can’t join you. I am already going on a Joyride with Scitovsky.

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