Looking for Sasquatch?

 It’s time for the Environmental Studies Fest, this Thursday, March 8th at 4:15 pm in  the Atrium between Youngchild and Steitz Halls.

Come see what ENST students have been up to……and get Snacks!

Here’s what’s on tap:

  • Transpiration source water and geomorphological potential of root growth in the Boulder Creek CZO, Colorado (Brenna Skeets)
  • The effects of climate change on plant traits and fruiting phenology of Delphinium nuttallianum (Kari Spiegelhalter)
  • Environmental Sustainability Meets Economic Security: China Can Grow Green (Devin Burri)
  • Sea Turtles in French Polynesia (Devin Burri)*
  • Acoustic Monitoring of Local Bats (Ronan Christman)
  • Looking for Sasquatch: Explorations as a Wilderness Ranger in the Siskyou National Forest (Will Meadows)
  • Effect of land use on flooding events in the Apple Creek basin (Elissa Tikalsky)*
  • Unique Aspects of Urban Planning in Hong Kong (Elissa Tikalsky)
  • What role does Palm Oil play in Sierra Leone economically, environmentally and culturally? (Amanda Dwyer)*
  • Environmental and Economic Effects of the Reuse of Pint-Sized Plastic Bottles in the Palm Oil Market of Freetown, Sierra Leone (Amanda Dwyer)
  • Modeling the effects of insulation and air exchangers on indoor temperature, humidity and particulate matter (Eli Hungerford)*

*ENST 650 Capstone projects