Tuesday Quiz

On the heels of the wildly successful Monday Quiz, it’s time for the big Tuesday Quiz. As you know, or should know, most people in the real world do not write as if they are texting their BFF, so keeping track of subject-verb agreement, it’s v. its, and the like could prove to be important in your future career trajectory.  In that spirit, there was a nice piece in the Wall Street Journal this past week bemoaning the poor grammar and language skills of the workforce, including this nice interactive feature.

Now should the tag be “get off my lawn” or “get off of my lawn”?

And should that be in italics instead of quotations?

And should that question mark be inside or outside of the quotation mark?

And can I start a sentence using and

UPDATE:  Zing!  See much more here.

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  1. Ouch.

    I need to ask the Provost for some money so we can hire a decent editor for this blog.

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