Courses for Fall 2012

Welcome back to the friendly confines of LU.  Here are the Econ Department courses for the fall term:

ECON 120 INTRODUCTION TO MACROECONOMICS 12:30-01:40 MWF BRIG 224 03:10-04:20 R BRIG 224 Mr. Georgiou 

A study of the principles, concepts, and methods of economic analysis, with a theoretical focus on the determination of national income. Special attention given to governmental expenditure and taxation, monetary policy, inflation, and unemployment. Especially appropriate for those who only want to take one economics course. 

ECON 200 ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (G,W)  12:30-02:20 TR BRIG 223 Mr. Finkler 

This course seeks to provide students with a broad based understanding of economic development and the choices countries face. To obtain such an understanding, students will read the works of contemporary economists who provide a variety of approaches to poverty alleviation and the tradeoffs that must be confronted. Emphasis will be placed on close reading, class discussion, and on writing a number of papers that compare and contrast different views of economic development.

ECON 211 IN PURSUIT OF INNOVATION (S) 11:10-12:20 MWF BRIG 223  Mr. Galambos, Mr. Brandenberger, Mr. Vaughan 

This course acquaints students with innovation—its objectives, major characteristics, and likely origins. The course focuses mainly on scientific and /or technological innovation; it will be taught as a joint physics/economics offering. The course includes one or two lectures per week along with student presentations and hard-charging discussion based on readings from books, articles and case studies. Outside resource individuals (in most cases Lawrence alumni) who are well-placed and experienced in innovation will offer advice and guidance to particular student projects. Do yourself a favor and take this course. 

ECON 300 MICROECONOMIC THEORY (Q) 08:30-09:40 MWF BRIG 223 08:30-09:40 R BRIG 223 Mr. Galambos 

A study of the microeconomic foundations of economics. The course focuses on equilibrium models for consumers and firms in competitive markets, as well as deviations from perfect competition. Your first genuine step toward self-actualization.

ECON 430 CAPITAL AND GROWTH (Q) 09:00-10:50 TR BRIG 217 Mr. Finkler  

An examination of the determinants of long-term economic growth and productivity. Particular attention given to the role of capital, international competitiveness, savings, tangible investment, and the role of public policy in all such areas.

ECON 495 TOP: LAW AND ECONOMICS 03:10-04:20 MWF BRIG 217 Mr. Georgiou 

Along with an introduction to legal analysis, a study of the political economy of four core areas of the law: property, contracts, torts, and crime and punishment. Applies rational-choice theories to both economic and political decisions involving the law.