Economics / Gender Studies Talk

Claudena Skran
Professor of Government
Lawrence University

UNHCR’s Gender Policy for Refugees in Sierra Leone: Economic vs. Political Agency​

 ABSTRACT: The challenge of integrating refugee women into societies recovering from warfare is a difficult one.  Although numerous programs by the UN and other actors exist to promote women’s economic agency and political participation, few studies have examined their impact.  This project tries  to close that gap by examining the gender policy of the Refugee Agency of the UN in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  Based on research in the Kailahun District, the site of the recent Ebola outbreak, this talk will argue that while many projects benefited women and girls by improving economic livelihoods and access to education, similar efforts to improve health care failed.   In addition, the talk will consider how to best promote the participation of women in a democratic political process.

Thursday, October 30
Steitz Hall 202
4:30 p.m.