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Lawrence Scholars in Business Lame-a-rick

The LSB program burst on this year’s scene in the form of the Alternative Investments Summit on Sunday. (Here is the announcement.) I saw many new faces, which is great: students discovering the program. I know that students always learn a lot from these events. (Proof by Introspection: I myself always learn a lot from these events. Therefore, so do students. Q.E.D.) I enjoyed hearing from Messrs. Spaeth, Allweiss and Perille, who said that Private Equity people simply have more fun. Anyway, my quick summary:

Your liberal learning has gravity,
Match it with years in an industry,
Get credit training
(It isn’t too draining)
You’re ready to try private equity.

The case studies always add an element to this event that infuses it with that real-life excitement that I wish more of my classes had. As often in the past, Mr. Perille put his money where his mouth was, and offered up a small percentage of the proceeds of his latest deal for the best team in the room. After over an hour of reading and vibrant discussion, each team had to take the stage in turns. The winning team: Aimen, Minh, Ranga, Regina, Vishvesh. They showed us quick and smart analysis, presented cogently. The judges, Sandy and Kirk Ryan ’83 were visibly impressed. Their classmate, Jonathan Bauer ’83 is leading the next Summit, on Management Consulting–coming up on January 15th. That one’s always a riot, featuring–again–some hands-on case study work. No $100 prize in the past, though. That does give you a hint about one difference between consulting and private equity.