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“HU-OOGE Paper Sellers Coming Through Here”

There seems to be some difference in the moment-to-moment intensity of an auction theory class and that of an actual auction.  Especially when the S&P is amidst an epic tank.

As evidence of that proposition, here is the highly-recommended audio from an auction pit in Chicago.  Sounds pretty exciting listening to a trillion dollars in wealth evaporate. So exciting, in fact, that I just set the “79s are trading” part as my ring tone.

I guess the LSB Chicago trip made it there a day late for this mayhem.  I look forward to hearing all about it.  Was there blood on the floor?

And, speaking of the Chicago trip, what is there to say about the level of awesomeness of the LSB program at this point? To quote Ben Lichtenstein from our audio clip, “Stop it, it’s got to hit a limit.”

(Picture taken from the Brokers with Hands on Their Faces blog).

LSB Getting its Props

This week’s This is Lawrence video gives a big shout out to the Lawrence Scholars in Business program, spearheaded by the intrepid, semi-fearless and always venturesome, Professor Adam Galambos.

Here is the video!!!

Can you believe all the talent on display? I spotted trustee and LSB champion Bob Perille, LSB-Scholarship winner and I&E reading group member Katelin Richter, Tyler Vane, Suzie Kraemer, Colin Smith, Murtaza, Professors Galambos and Finkler, and many others. Make sure to send it to your parents and friends. And your friends’ parents. And your parents’ friends. It’s simply the best This is Lawrence video in memory.

Speaking of LSB, the Chicago trip is coming up. That should be educational and entertaining. Don’t miss it.

And, speaking of entertaining, the Entertainment Industry Summit is coming in May.

Could LSB rock any harder?

Lawrence Scholars in Business Chicago trip

The LSB program sponsors an educational trip to Chicago every year. The purpose of the trip is to provide students an “immersion experience” in one of the country’s financial centers. The trip will take place during reading period, on May 6th and 7th. We will leave at 6:00 am on Thursday, May 6th, and return in the evening on Friday. We will have a full schedule, visiting the Chicago Board of Trade, the Federal Reserve Bank, as well as some firms including Madison Dearborn, Copia Capital, the consulting firm Deloitte and Touche, and The Northern Trust Bank. The costs of the trip are covered by the LSB program. This trip is a great opportunity to learn about the financial world (and a consulting firm) up-close, in a way that you couldn’t do on your own.

If you would like to join, sign up by giving Adam Galambos an envelope with $20 in it, and your name on it. We will return the money to you when you board the bus at 5:45 am on May 6th. Should there be more students interested in going than spaces, preference will be given to students who did not go on the trip last year and to juniors and seniors, as they are less likely to have another chance to go. But, if you are interested in the business world, sign up, whoever you are—if you don’t get to go, we’ll return your deposit, of course. The deadline for signing up is April 12th. Email Adam Galambos with questions.

Reminder: LSB Investments Summit Today

There is no bigger LSB supporter than trustee Bob Perille ‘80, who is spearheading today’s LSB investments summit.   Mr. Perille is the managing director at Shamrock Capital and a very sharp cat, indeed.   That should be reason enough to come out today.

But, of course, there’s more.   Mr. Perille will be joined by Alan Allweiss ‘77, Dan Howell ‘74, and Bryan Torcivia ’81.   That’s a lot of talent in one room.

The Summit starts at 3:30 over in the Hurvis room.

Here is Prof. Galambos’ original post on the matter.

Alternative Investments Summit

Join us this Saturday, 3:30, the Hurvis room, to learn about private equity and other kinds of alternative investments. The session will be led by Bob Perille ’80, Managing Director at Shamrock Capital, the private equity firm started by Roy Disney, Walt Disney’s nephew. Alan Allweiss ’77, Managing Director at LBC Credit Partners, Dan Howell ’74, Senior Managing Director, Mesirow Financial, and Bryan Torcivia ’81, mergers and acquisitions consultant (BAT Consulting) will join Mr. Perille in explaining alternative investments and what’s wrong with hedge funds.

Mr. Perille will bring offering memoranda (an offering memorandum is a document explaining the details of an investment to potential investors), and student teams will have to decide whether to buy the firm or not, and for how much.

Last year there was a substantial prize!

Sign up in the career center or at