This page contains links to instructions, signs, and procedures that may be helpful for others who are setting up their own makerspaces. Please feel free to use and adapt these resources to fit your makerspace’s needs. More documentation will be added as the space progresses.

Instructional Resources

Makerspace and 3D Printing Research Guide: This guide contains policies, information about our equipment and software and how to use them, contact information, and more.

Documentation for UsingĀ the 3D Printers

Log sheet: A log sheet on a clip board is placed next to each 3D printer. This allows other makerspace users and library staff to know who is printing each file, how best to reach them if there is a filament jam or problem, and as a way to share any problems and successes with the print job.
Log sheets have also been added to the sewing station and near the Silhouette Cameo electronic cutter.

Terms of Use: Students read and go over the information on this form with one of the makerspace instructors. It covers the procedural and safety information that students will need to know when using the space.

Terms of Use Agreement: Students sign this form after undergoing training and reading over the Terms of Use form.

Reserving the Printers: We formerly used Office 365 to reserve the 3D printers. Currently, we use a combination of Google Forms and Calendars.

Maintenance Log

3D Printer Maintenance Log: One of these is kept with a booklet of required maintenance near each 3D printer. We found recommended maintenance procedures for our Ultimaker 2 machines on the Ultimaker Blog.


LU Makerspace Rules: Some friendly reminders to follow when using the space. This sign was made in Canva.

What’s in Our Makerspace

Tool, Equipment, and Supply list

Links to Other University and Library MakerspaceĀ Guides

UW-Stevens Point 3D Printing resource guide

Southern New Hampshire University Innovation Lab & Makerspace