Careers in Advertising, Marketing and Branding

Marketing America’s first carbon neutral beer; Creating a winning Superbowl ad; Apple: Shattering expectations, exploding orthodoxies, making nice; Branding the tallest building in the world; Creating a highly profitable, award-winning, new restaurant which helps to change the way people eat … for the better. Does any of this sound interesting to you? See some great, multimedia presentations on these topics from Lawrentians who are at the top of the marketing world, and find out more about careers in marketing, advertising, and branding. Whatever your background, you may find marketing interesting and profitable, but these careers fit especially well for students from Arts, Music, Psychology, Anthropology, English, Economics, and social science generally.

Join us Sunday, February 21st at 3:00pm. Sign up in the Career Center or by email at If you’d like to join the group for dinner in Andrew Commons afterwards, sign up for that, too–we’ll pay for dinner! Here’s a poster for the event!