A Monster Week for the Econ Department

Week three of the Spring term is shaping up to be a busy one for the economics crowd.   On Monday we have our usual Economics TeaBA, featuring a discussion of health insurance reform (see here for the source article and here for Professor Finkler’s post).  Stop by some time after 4:15 in Briggs 217 for discussion with students and faculty.

On Tuesday, Ambassador Mulford will be giving a talk at 1:30 in the Cinema, and will follow that up with a talk to the Economics Club at 4:30 in Briggs 217.   Here is the campus announcement and  here we have the previous blog post.

Then, on Wednesday, students reading Prophet of Innovation for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship reading group will meet for dessert at 8:40 p.m.  Contact Professor Gerard for details.   Keep an eye out for a few more posts on the Schumpeter Live Blog.