Lawrence Emeritus Professor Returns to Teach History of Economic Thought

The Economics Department is pleased to announce that Emeritus Professor of Economics Jules LaRocque will return this fall to teach a course in his specialty: the history of economic thought (see description below). This course will only be offered in the Fall term at the 2:30 – 4:20 time slot on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Timing prohibited publishing the course in the official course schedule prior to the registration period; therefore, if you are interested, please see or send an email to Professor Finkler.  We are excited to provide this opportunity and encourage students to take advantage.

History of Economic Thought The course examines the origins and development of ideas pertaining to production and distribution of goods and services in ancient to modern civilizations. Special attention will be devoted to ideas (and their authors) that led to the emergence of market-oriented societies. Examples of such authors are Adam Smith, J.B. Say, David Ricardo, Karl Menger, Alfred Marshall, F.H. Knight, and J. M. Keynes. The Marxian and socialist challenges to the market-based ideas will also be examined.