Textbook Tuesday

I’m a big fan of Steven Landsburg’s approach to micro theory, and hence I have adopted Price Theory and Applications the times I have taught the course (HT: Charles Steele).  The 8th edition is about to come out, meaning that there is no viable used market to purchase the 8th edition.  This also calls into question paying full price for a new version of the 7th edition (currently north of $160).

Since most Econ 300 students are majors (the ones that survive, at least), I am not worried about the resale market, because I think someone walking around calling themselves “an economist” should have a solid micro theory book on the shelf.

So, with all of that said, I recommend that you either pony up for the 8th edition (which I have yet to get a desk copy of), or start scouring your used options now. Amazon doesn’t seem to be much help, but a quick search of Valore Books and  Big Words (< $40), eBay, and Chegg.com, indicates that you should be able to locate a copy at a pretty reasonable price.

Worth every penny.  But there’s no sense squandering the surplus.