Beer Distributors Apply Political Economy Herbicide

It is a good couple of weeks for those interested in the economics of (and innovation in) illicit drug markets. First, HBO started up its mega super miniseries,  Boardwalk Empire, about how an Atlantic City official built an organized crime empire following the enactment of the 22nd amendment prohibiting the production and sale of alcohol.

Then we find out that there is an online “weed” price clearinghouse.

And, now, via Marginal Revolution, we learn that the beer distributors actively oppose marijuana legalization in California.  So quick 100 and political economy question — do beer distributors think marijuana and beer are more like complements or substitutes?  To date, there is no word on whether manufacturers of Cheetos have taken a public stance on the isssue.

Interestingly, the teachers union supports legalization because of “the revenue that could be raised for the state.”

2 thoughts on “Beer Distributors Apply Political Economy Herbicide”

  1. Marijuana may not be for everyone, but it certainly should not be a crime. Will alcohol sales decline if marijuana is legalized is not the question we should be asking. We should be asking…..Why is the non-drug species of marijuana….the hemp cannabis plant not being grown for Industrial Purposes….ie, FOOD, FUEL AND FIBER?

    This debate needs to come to an end, and will soon by following truth, honesty and compassion when talking about hemp and cannabis.

    Globally alcohol is estimated to kill 1.8 million people annually.

    Cigarettes are killing 4.9 million people every year.

    Pharmaceuticals are killing 3.5 people annually.

    and marijuana is ZERO DEATHS EVER.

    The founders of our country would have never let things get this far.

    VOTE SMART COME ELECTION TIME…..PAY ATTENTION…..Wisconsin has pro-marijuana legalization candidates everywhere….just open your eyes to the truth about hemp and cannabis.

    Start with your governor candidates:

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