Dana Fellowship at Ronin Capital


An information session regarding the Fellowship will be held on Saturday, September 25. The session will begin with lunch in the Schuman Dining Room beginning at 12:00 noon followed by an information session from 1:00 until 3:00 p.m. in the Hurvis Room of the Warch Campus Center. Mr. Larry Domash ’81, who is a partner with Ronin Capital  (a world – wide proprietary trading firm based in Chicago) and Imtiaz Khan ’09 will be facilitating the session. To sign up for lunch and/or the information session, please stop by or call the Career Center (920 832 6561). Registration deadline is Wednesday, September 22.


During the summer of 2009, Ronin Capital hired Imtiaz Khan ’09 to work on a research project examining, in part, the causes and opportunities associated with the 2007 – 2008 “US financial markets crisis.”  The success of this project led to the establishment of the James Dana Fellowship for graduating Lawrence University students.


For each of the next five years (2011 – 2016) Mr. Domash ’81 will be hiring 1 student annually from LU to serve as a Dana Fellow. Each Dana Fellow hired will work on an empirical project. While the background and formatting work for the study will be performed in Chicago – some of the empirical data gathering will take place in NYC and London.

The finished project will be published for distribution to clients/ consultants / academics – for review and feedback. The LU grads chosen to be Dana Fellows will also receive training in research techniques and have the opportunity to observe how their research translates to trading for approximately 1 year. The individual will receive full salary and bonus during their work with Mr. Domash as well as a reference for placement. Upon completion of the project, Mr. Domash will work with the individual and help in all aspects of placement in an investment advisory or Wall Street style trading firm – if desired.

During 2011 – 2012, the named Dana Fellow will be working on a research project examining the 2010 Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe and will encompass both a statistical and abstract examination of European Government finances as well as policies relating to fiscal and tax policies. It is envisioned that the study will try to provide a statistical substantiation to Keynesian economic theory..

The James Dana Fellowship was established with a dual purpose: 1.)  to create viable empirical research leading to new trading bond/equity trading  strategies at Ronin Capital; 2.) to establish a mentoring and networking community for Lawrence graduates and undergraduates within the trading and Wall Street finance industry. Part of the requirements of the fellowship is to help Lawrence undergrads gain insight into the trading community and to “give back to the University” by donating time.

Who are they looking for to be Dana Fellows?

  1. Self starters
  2. Students who have excellent communication skills and are fluent in operating all aspects of the Microsoft Office product suite.
  3. Students that enjoy research.
  4. Students that can work by themselves and who are comfortable in a team environment.
  5. Students genuinely curious about the Sovereign Debt Crisis of 2010.
  6. Students that can ask any question and not be embarrassed
  7. Students that have enjoyed their Lawrence experience.
  8. Most of all the ability to learn.