McDougal Lecture in Mathematics: “A Combinatorial Book of Colors”

Professor Richard Brualdi from University of Wisconsin is on campus this coming Tuesday, April 17, to give the inaugural McDougal Lecture in Mathematics.  The talk is at 4:30 in Steitz Hall 102.

Professor Brualdi’s talk is “A Combinatorial Book of Colors,”  and I’ve been assured that this is accessible to a more general audience.  (Of course, I was assured by a mathematician).  Here’s more on Professor Brualdi.

The McDougal Lecture promises to be an exciting addition to the intellectual climate here, and here’s some background information from our friends in the math department:

Professor Kevin F. McDougal earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in  mathematics from Lawrence University in 1979.  He wrote his Ph.D.  dissertation, Some Combinatorial Properties of (0, 1) Matrices, under the direction of Prof. Richard Brualdi and received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1989.  Kevin was a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh and had nine publications in combinatorics and a nearly completed book in combinatorics when he unexpectedly died in 2004 from a rare heart condition while training in Green Bay.  The McDougal family sponsors this lecture series to celebrate Kevin’s intellectual curiosity and passion for mathematics.

See you there.