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Interdisciplinary Area in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Over the past six years, a group of Lawrence faculty members have developed several courses and course modules in innovation and entrepreneurship. By now, several hundred Lawrence students have taken those courses. The Lawrence faculty has now voted to create a formal academic program in innovation and entrepreneurship: the Interdisciplinary Area in I&E. Students from all majors with an interest in innovation or entrepreneurship are invited to explore the new IA. The rest of this post gives a general idea of the new IA. Look for more details on the I&E website in the near future. Continue reading Interdisciplinary Area in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

I&E courses in 2012-13

If you are looking for I&E courses in 2012-13, you might know that you can already enroll in the Pursuit of Innovation (Fall), Entrepreneurship and Finance (Spring), and Financial Accounting and Entrepreneurial Ventures (Winter, Spring)  courses. In addition, two more courses might soon be available: Dean Pertl in the Conservatory is planning The Entrepreneurial Musician, and the Economics Department is probably going to offer Economics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship again next year. Stay tuned for updates!

I&E in the News

For those of you without access to the many thousands of copies of The Lawrentian around campus, this week’s cover story features none other than the good work of the champions of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship program.

According to Professor John Brandenberger (and, no, his first name is not “Emeritus”) “There is no better time than the present… to teach liberal arts students who are developing the creative skills to be innovators over their four years at Lawrence, to be aggressive in their entrepreneurship.”

Well put.

President Beck also weighs in:

“In the arts, professors are interested in theater internships, print-making workshops and other ventures that enable students to connect their major to a business orientation. There are many examples of student interest so far, such as The Rabbit Gallery and Baroque Music and Dance Ensemble. [In addition], alumni are offering more and more internships to students, to help students put their thoughts into action, sometimes for the first time.”

The cover photo of The Lawrentian includes I&E stalwarts Professor Adam Galambos and Professor Gary Vaughn, along with a nice profile shot of budding entrepreneur, Ranga Wimalasuriya