Lawrence University Hosts African-Jamaican Dinner Nov. 13

Lawrence University’s international student organization will host an African-Jamaican dinner Sunday, Nov. 13 at 6 p.m. in Lucinda’s in Colman Hall, 212 S. Durkee St. Tickets, at $7 per person, can be reserved by calling 832-6509. Seating is limited to 200.

The two-continent cuisine will feature West African peanut pork, Jamaican curried chicken, African yellow raisin rice, West African greens, Mafe (a Senegalese stew made from ground peanuts and sweet potatoes), tropical fruit salad, banana cake with banana sauce and Jamaican fruit punch. The dinner also will include an exhibition of cultural items and traditional music from both areas.

Lawrence International is a student organization of nearly 100 active members representing more than 50 foreign countries.