Local shoppers have the chance to give more than just a gift this holiday season. By purchasing presents at Lawrence University’s alternative giving fair, they will provide gifts of hope and support to people in need around the world.

Lawrence hosts its third annual alternative giving fair Saturday, Nov. 14 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the Warch Campus Center Somerset room.

Set up like a traditional market with more than 20 booths (and information tables), the fair features a variety of “alternative gifts” designed to help dozens of national and international humanitarian projects. Focused on saving lives in developing countries and preserving the planet, available alternative gifts range from a greenhouse in North Korea to grow healthy food for hospital patients to safe motherhood kits for pregnant women in Rwanda and Tanzania. Each alternative gift purchased includes a card that is sent to the gift recipient, informing them of the item purchased in their honor.

To date, the first two fairs have raised nearly $19,000 for more than 40 causes and organizations around the world.

The fair also will feature a variety of tangible gifts, including tapestries, mugs, ornaments, scarves and jewelry hand-crafted by artisans in developing countries. These products are provided by Globally Sound, a local Fair Trade store.

Live musical entertainment by Lawrence students will be provided throughout the day and refreshments will be available.

The alternative giving fair is sponsored by the campus organization Students’ War Against Hunger and Poverty (SWAHP).