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Gap Year Opportunities in Technology and Data Sciences

With graduation just around the corner for many of our seniors, it’s never too late to start thinking about next steps. Whether post-secondary education is on your radar for Fall 2021 or not, here are some program ideas that can help tide you over between graduation and your next great adventure. Or maybe you’re taking some time off during your time at LU and want to look at learning options. Read on for some ideas!

Gap Year Academy
Gap Year Academy matches students with mentors to help guide them through their interests in a variety of fields. All courses are online, although mentor-student relationship is emphasized over textbook and busywork learning. The Gap Year Academy has programs in software development, cyber security, data analysis, and more!
Learn more from their website here!

Harvard Extension School
The Harvard Extension School has various programs, two of which are exciting options for the #TD community! The Academic Gap Year program offers a variety of study paths, both for credit and noncredit, including one for math and computer science. This program is built for those who wish to take online classes during the typical academic year, perhaps during a break from your regular coursework at LU. Another option for those looking to continue their computer science education after graduation is the graduate-level programming certificate!
Interested in the Academic Gap Year program?
Click here for info about the programming certificate!

Coding Dojo
Coding Dojo offers an online, 14-week coding boot camp for burgeoning software developers. In addition to the 3-stack program where students work with industry professionals as instructional staff, students are additionally supported by integrated career services experience. Coding Dojo hosts 1:1 calls to answer potential admissions questions, as well as Open Houses where interested parties can meet the team and get a full breakdown of the boot camp!
Check out Coding Dojo here!

Service Opportunities for Gap Year

Are you interested in attending graduate school, but not ready to jump right in after graduating from Lawrence? Curious to learn about gap year opportunities to gain experience and explore your interests? We’ve got you covered. There are a wide array of opportunities for recent graduates — here are just a few service programs that offer yearlong opportunities in healthcare.

AmeriCorps State and National
AmeriCorps may not seem like the place for health care opportunities, but there are actually a variety of service programs offered that focus on community wellness and health services. For example, take a look at the “Be Well Fox Valley AmeriCorps Program” right here in the Fox Valley area. Through this program, members have the opportunity to provide health education and promote physical, mental, and social health for community members.
Check out AmeriCorps here!

National Health Corps
This program is specifically dedicated to connecting young adults interested in becoming health professionals to people in need. There are a variety of positions available for many different organizations (called “host sites”) nationwide. For example, you could spend a year as a “Patient Navigator” where your responsibilities include linking patients to health care services, enrolling patients in health insurance, and providing health screenings.
See more about the National Health Corps here!

Gap Year Opportunities: General

Christ House
     Approximate Deadline: April 7
Jewish Organizing Fellowship
     Approximate Deadlines: Early Round-January 24. Regular Round-March 5, 2
     Approximate Deadline: 4 to 6 months before desired start date.
Lutheran Volunteer Corps
     Approximate Deadline: Round 1: January 15 & Round 2: April 1
Massachusetts Promise Fellowship
     Approximate Deadline: Rolling
Peace Corps
     Approximate Deadline: 6-12 months before beginning of service
Philly Fellows
     Approximate Deadline: January 31
Pittsburgh PULSE: Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience
     Approximate Deadline: June 1

Gap Year Opportunities: Education

Carnegie Foundation Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship
     Approximate Deadline: TBA
Citizen Schools
     Approximate Deadline: Rolling
City Year
     Approximate Deadlines: October 27, January 26, March 9, April 13, May 11, June 1.
FAO Schwarz Family Foundation Fellowship
     Approximate Deadline: Varies
SAGA Innovations
     Approximate Deadline: Rolling
     Keywords: tutoring, at-risk youth
Yale-NUS College
     Approximate Deadline: January 3
     Keywords: higher education, student affairs