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Maker Literacies Project and Lesson Plans

We had the amazing opportunity to work with the University of Texas at Arlington Libraries for the second phase of the IMLS Maker Literacies project. For our part, three of our faculty at Lawrence University who were interested in using the makerspace with their courses created maker assignments using UTA’s Maker Competencies. As an academic makerspace, we’re thrilled that UTA has not only made the competencies available, but they’ve made a directory of course assignments available as well!

The Assignments from Lawrence University faculty

All Course Lesson Plans

  • Filter lesson plans by maker competencies, discipline, partner, or year, or just browse the list at the Lesson Plans page.

Maker Competencies List

  • Scroll through the Maker Competencies list to view each literacy along with subcomponents to further define each one. These competencies can easily be tied to course learning goals and outcomes and can be easily assessed at the end of the assignment.

We’re so grateful for the partners at the UTA Libraries, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and University of Nevada Reno for taking on this large project and sharing so all academic and educational makerspaces could benefit!