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The Chicken Dance is a Grim Trigger

The Sheboygan Press reports on a recent showdown at the Sheboygan North High School Homecoming dance.  It seems the jubilant student dancers broke out some moves that strayed a bit too far to the salacious side, prompting Principal Jason “Takes No” Bull to issue this dictum:

[Bull announced] that if inappropriate behavior were to continue, the lights would stay on, the chicken dance song would be played for the rest of the night, and/or the dance would be canceled.

The grim trigger is a strategy in a non-cooperative game, where one party threatens to end cooperation forever if the other party fails to cooperate.  Evidently, it was a credible threat.

Perhaps this helps to explain why.

Rewarding Our Own

Congratulations to Tu Ngyuen, Syed Abbas, and Anmy Xu for picking up some hardware at tonight’s Honors Dinner.   The McConagha and Bradley Awards are for the junior and senior, respectively, with the highest grade point average.   Anmy takes home the junior award, and Tu is the winner on the senior circuit.  Syed wins the Champion Prize for the outstanding paper.  Congratulations all around.

And the chicken was delicious.