More Digital Scores

By the light of the silvery moon, lyric by Ed. Madden ; music by Gus Edwards. New York : G. Edwards, c1909. From the New York Public Library Digital Library Collection, Performing Arts in America, 1875-1923

We admit it. We’re not Harvard. But we keep our noses pressed up to the Harvard window like little kids in a library candy store, gazing longingly. And when they come up with something this cool we jump on it like a great horny toad on a passel of harvester ants.

Here’s a link to their Online Resources for Music Scholars from which you can search 78 (as of today) databases for digital scores. Pretty much anything in the public domain you can imagine is there, free to legally view, print and download:

  • Chopin piano music
  • string quartet parts
  • opera libretti
  • medieval polyphonic music manuscripts
  • facsimiles
  • sheet music and broadsides, concerning slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and related topics

There are also some audio, video and image files. Jump on it!