Colette Lunday Brautigam

Author: Colette Lunday Brautigam

Lux Reaches 200,000 Downloads


Lux, the Lawrence University institutional repository, is home to student honors projects, artwork, The Lawrentian, various annual reports, the Women and Identity in Gaming Symposium, and many more creative and scholarly works produced by the Lawrence University community.

We are pleased to announce that Lux has reached the milestone of 200,000 downloads since 2012! That means items that were created here, at Lawrence, have been viewed by people all over the world 200,000 times. Pretty cool!

Bartered Bride and Ancient Peruvian Art

What do these two topics have in common? The LU Digital Image Collections!
The Bartered Bride images from the Theatre Department production were recently added to the LU Theatre Depatrment Productions collection. You can look at the images from Bartered Bride and many other productions by selecting a title from the drop down menu or you can just browse the collection to see the wonderful work of our students, facutly and staff.

We also added a new book to our Selections from Special Collections. Ancient Peruvian Art: Sculpture first published in 1937 is made available with the permission of the National Museum of Peru. This book has some wonderful images of Peruvian sculpture that you can browse from your own computer.

The Amazing Technicolor Printer

Color printing is now available from library login computers to the print release station next to the copier. The print release PC next to the copier allows LU students to login with their username and password, insert coins or bills into the vend unit to the right of the print release PC (within 1 minute), highlight and print their jobs, and retrieve their color prints from the copier. The jobs stay in the queue for 15 minutes as they do for the other printers. The printer is available as LIB_1ST_COLOR on curtis (not the default) for students to choose if they wish to print in color. The costs are the same, currently, as color copies: $.50 for 8 X 11 and $1.00 for 11 X 17.

Google Art Project

If you thought that Google was so busy digitizing every book they can get their hands on that they couldn’t be working on any other major projects you will be surprised to hear that they have been working with some major museums to bring you Google Art Project.

Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels, and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.

Fox Cities Reads

Fox Cities Reads has announced the books for this year’s community read. They are Into the Beautiful North and The Devil’s Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea. The Fox Cities Reads is a program sponsored by local libraries to start a conversation within the community about a common book. This year there are two books to choose from so that you can read fiction or non-fiction. To find out more go to

Into The Woods

The Visual Resources Library just added 36 images for the Department of Theatre Arts Fall 2010 performance of Into The Woods. You can find them in the Lawrence University Department of Theatre Arts Productions digital image collection. Select the production name from the drop down. You may find other productions that you are interested in looking at while you’re at it!